Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Small Itch – Just a Mosquito Bite

On 9/05/09 and still suffering from Riding Malaise, MeAsWe and I headed out for Monty’s HD in West Bridgewater for the RideNewEngland stamp. It was a beautiful day, with limited traffic on 495 until we came across an accident, which had the whole south bound side tied up. The accident was so bad we were able to KSD and get off the bike. We were harbored next to a Nomad and we struck up a conversation with our new found 495 friends. He had just gotten back for New Orleans with the Buffalo Soldiers & Troopers MC. We discussed our experiences in NOrleans and the Tail of the Dragon. I asked about the club, which he began to explain the history of the club, however the traffic had cleared and we had to hop on our bikes to get a move on. Just one of those great experiences when you meet someone on the road and just strike up a conversation

Moving along, we hooked up with 24 North and then 106 East to 28 North arriving at Monty’s just after noon. Got our stamp and I said to MeAsWe, let’s go down the street to Brockton Cycle. BC has always had some really great deals on clothing and has a pretty large accessory section.

In the showroom they had a mix of new and used bikes. A new black FJR and a new red Connie C14. We passed a blue Harley, an orange VTX and at the end of the row, there stood a black cherry FJR and a red ST1100. We asked some questions of the salesmen, kicked some more tires, opened the side luggage, fumbled with the GIVI trunk. I had the salesmen roll the bike out, so that I could throw a leg over it. With me on the bike, I told MeAsWe to hop on. A couple of Vroom Vroom and we were traveling thru the back roads of North Carolina heading for Florida. My first impression was this bike is very doable height wise, my feet actually touched the floor.

Out of the dealership and back on the road, stopping for some really good chili at Chili Head BBQ. MeAsWe had the special burger and I had the chili with a rating of 6 out of 15 for hotness. 6 were hot. I just can’t imagine what 15 is like, but you do have to sign a waiver. I wonder if that is just marketing or for real.

We arrive home before the sun goes down (now you know I have a malaise) and I just have a little queasiness of excitement thinking about the FJR (or was it the chili).

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