Sunday, May 10, 2009

Playin the Ponies with Cornwallis and McArthur - Day Two

Today we need to make it to the Cape May Ferry to jump over to Delaware and Maryland, so we are up bright and early ( 6am or so ) (only the 2nd day ) but of course there are some places that I just have to get before we go.

Both of these locations are on the National Register of Historic Places

We blast out of Wildwood heading for the ferry. We arrive in plenty of time for a cup of coffee and a Danish while waiting to board the ferry. The couple in this picture was heading for Myrtle Beach for bike week and I sure hope they weren’t disappointed. They were not at ALL friendly and barely responded with any conversation we tried to start up. So much for cycle camaraderie, maybe I just didn’t have the right gear on or the right kind of bike.

The ride on the ferry lasts about for about 80 minutes and cuts off quite abit of road and avoids the Baltimore / DC area. The immediate destination after the ferry is Assateague National Seashore. Here the horses are born into and run wild.

Entrance to Assategue

Wild Horses feeding. Everytime I lifted the camera this guy would wonder behind a dune. I left and came back to catch him off guard. Assateague Lighthouse

We throttle up to visit the last major battle of the Revolutionary War, where Lord Cornwallis surrendered to Washington. Yorktown is part of the Colonial National Park and of course it is an INKING location.

On the way to our final day resting spt we stopped at the McArthur Memorial in Norfolk, VA. This was in the book Road Trip America and a place to chase.

Our final destination for the night is the Super 8 in Edenton, NC arriving sometime after 9pm. Miles for the day was just shy of 400.

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